Data Products

Simulations data: TangoSIDM Hydrodynamical Simulations

Access to the simulation data compiled in Correa et al. (2024), encompassing halo and galaxy catalogs, galaxy properties and rotational curves. [in prep.]

        • Reference + CDM (single HDF5 file)
        • Reference + SigmaConstant10 (single HDF5 file)
        • Reference + SigmaVel30 (single HDF5 file)
        • Reference + SigmaVel60 (single HDF5 file)
        • WeakStellarFB + CDM (single HDF5 file)
        • WeakStellarFB + SigmaConstant10 (single HDF5 file)
        • WeakStellarFB + SigmaVel30 (single HDF5 file)
        • WeakStellarFB + SigmaVel60 (single HDF5 file)

Observational Sample

Access here the observational data compiled in Correa et al. (2024) from:

Lelli et al. (2016) (SPARC dataset) [download here],
Reyes et al. (2011) (SDSS) [download here], and
Pizagno et al. (2007) [download here].

The tables provide the galaxy name and/or SDSS ID, stellar masses [Msun], half-light radii [kpc] and rotational curves at the half-light radius [km/s]. Stellar masses have been calculated from light-to-mass ratios that assumed a Chabrier IMF.